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Saturday, 25 February 2017 19:57

In 1990 the internationally respected physician Dr Akyllas Anagnostides was breathtaken at the sight of AEGEA-ZORGOS bay, a place of unspoiled natural beauty thought to be the site of mythical kingdom of the Amazon queen AEGEA, and was inspired to build the AEGEA RESORT. He combined the best environmental conditions with strong traditional heritage and he created a place of relaxation, spiritual excitement but also of outdoor activities and cultural events. Enjoy 5-star facilities and services and the famous Cycladic Mediterranean diet.


Friday, 28 October 2016 20:56

We can offer you the best online price for Anastasia Luxury Villas in Andros.
In Ano Gavrio of Andros a magical dream world is hidden, where the sun bathes with its persistent rays the green meadows and the tiered hillsides that are covered with fig trees, olive trees and cypresses just to let itself pour into the blue sea.

In this place we have created “Anastasia Luxury Villas”, a meeting point between the visitor and to everything the nature has to offer with our major concern the smallest possible intervention in the natural landscape and the creation of a welcoming home that coexists in harmony with the environment.

Our philosophy is expressed in all our activities. We built our residences exclusively with natural materials of the area: stones and wood of the area and canes from the river. We listened to the earth and made a farm of organic farming in order to taste the fruits of nature.