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Sunday, 05 March 2017 17:25

One of the best hotels in Astypalea, called Tholaria Boutique Hotel. We hope Astypalea be one of the best destinations, and in conjunction with our hotel, leave you the best impressions. For visitors who want the high quality in conjunction with the best prices there is only one choice, Tholaria Boutique Hotel . It comprises Executive Suites with private Jacuzzi in Veranda, Family Spa Suites with jucuzzi in the bathroom, Luxury Maisonette with special architectural and Luxurious Studios with a splendid view to the sea and to the castle ,and ,combines luxury, comfort and first class service by a professional and friendly team with a sense of privacy and serenity.


Friday, 28 October 2016 20:17

We can offer you the best online price for Melograno Villas in Astypalaia.
This is where the big blue of the Aegean Sea caresses the shores of a stunning Greek island. This is where we will come across one of the most superb main towns of insular Greece. It is inAstypalaia that we will dream endlessly, we will experience affluent romance and we will feast our eyes with an array of unique beauties.

It is here, in the “butterfly of the Aegean archipelago” that the luxury Melograno Villas chose to flourish and present their eclectic guests with a distinguishable aspect of accommodation.

The three exquisite villas at Melograno Villas are located at a distance of a mere 200 meters from the superb main town of the island of Astypalaia.

The colors of white and grey address the interior spaces and each of the villa’s name implies to the protagonist color which highlights the details.

Villa Verde, Villa Bianco and Villa Ble, offer a plethora of comforts and amenities and an additional set of on demand services, which place guests at the epicenter of care and attention in order to enable the acquisition of a memorable holiday.