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Lights of Mykonos

Lights of Mykonos Lights of Mykonos

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The Mykonian landscape with a font of the sea’s big blue plays the protagonist role in our group of villas.

After you settle-in at your dreamy Villa, be prepared for a highly experiential stay portrayed by joyful swimming in your private swimming pool, evening dinners with friends with majestic sea views, endless hours of gazing the boats as they enter the island’s port and the distant islands of Tinos and Syros.

Relax and unwind in the comfort of your double bed with anatomic mattresses, on fluffy sofas and extra-large sun beds. Minimal decors and the playful natural light make the whole setting even more alluring.

The three dream Villas at Lights of Mykonos are located in the area of Fanari. Their construction was completed in July 2013 and guests visiting from now onwards are going to be lucky enough to enjoy first their discreet luxury and the abundance of the impeccable facilities and amenities offered. Only 10 minutes away from the superb and cosmopolitan Chora of Mykonos, the Villas are characterized by a tranquil and secluded ambience. The key-word here is hide away villa.


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